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posted: 1.30.20
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Are escape rooms good for kids? Overall, yes. Escape rooms are great for kids! They are screen-free (minus the screen that may be used to share hints), engaging, and require critical thinking. 🤔

However, there is a lot of variety between escape rooms, and the appropriateness of a game for children needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

 The escape room industry is huge compared to where it was just five years ago in the United States. In 2014, there were 23 escape room locations. Today, there are 2,350+. About 72% of these are single location businesses. Since different people own all of these businesses, they each run and design games a little differently. So, there’s not a straightforward answer to the question: “Are escape rooms good for kids?” 🤷

escape room for kids

How to find the right escape room

Looking for a good escape room for kids? Her are our tips:

Check the challenge level. Many escape rooms include the game’s difficulty ratings on their website. The best fit is typically the easiest game, depending on the child’s age. 🧩

Look at the theme. Many escape rooms have scary or horror themed rooms that would not be appropriate for children. (Not something you need to worry about at Puzzle Effect, by the way. None of our rooms are intended to be scary.) 👻

Read reviews. You may see a recommendation a child-appropriate game in an escape room’s reviews. 📚

Ask! Give the escape room a call, drop them an email, or send a Facebook message. Many Game Masters know the ins and outs of the rooms they play and can recommend the perfect room for your group. 🙃

escape room for kids

Escape rooms designed for kids

There aren’t many rooms specifically for kids at this point in the industry’s development. We predict more are coming, but in the meantime, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re looking for the perfect escape room for kids: 🎈

The puzzles are designed for adults. You may need to do much of the puzzle solving depending on the child’s age and affinity for puzzles.

Escape rooms are safe, but not child proof. Keep a close eye on little ones! Many props are breakable. 👶

Check out the escape room’s policy on unattended minors. This is important! If you drop off a group of underage kids, they may not be able to play without a signed waiver from someone over 18 or a chaperone in the room. ✒️

Escape room for kids

At Puzzle Effect, for example, we require someone over 18 be in the room with a group of players under 16.

Looking for a kid-friendly room at Puzzle Effect? We recommend Pipe Works!

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