Valentine’s Day Things To Do: Private Escape Rooms 💕💐

posted: 1.19.20
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Valentine’s Day 2020 is just around the corner. With so many options and so many traditions, it can be difficult to plan a day your date or friends won’t forget.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

There are no shortage of jewelry, candy, flower, and card commercials to prove buying things for Valentine’s Day is an American tradition. Buying gifts equals showing your affection. But that may be changing! 🎁

As Forbes points out, “things” traditionally served as milestones, status symbols, and comfort for Americans post-World War II. But somewhere along the way, purchasing, storing, and maintaining these things caused more problems than they solved.

Today, we see millennials choosing experiences over things more and more. 👊 In fact, 74% of Americans say they prefer experiences over things as of 2018.

History of Escape Rooms

There were an estimated 23 escape rooms in the US 2014. Today there are over 2,400. The rise in popularity of escape rooms may be due to the increased value of experiences nationally. 📈

valentine's day escape room

In case they are new to you:

Escape rooms are like real life board games. You enter a themed room, armed with a back story and 60 minutes on the clock. There are no instructions and no rules (other than rules related to players’ safety and respect for the room and props). 🦉

Private Rooms

Many escape rooms charge a premium for private rooms. 💰 This usually happens in one of two ways: you need to pay the cost of the entire room regardless of the number of players, or tiered pricing means you pay more per person when you have less people. For example, an escape room may cost $40 per person for two people, $38 per person for three people, and so on.

private room escape room

At Puzzle Effect, we don’t charge extra for private rooms. Whether you book one spot or ten, the room is yours and no strangers will join you. 🚫

How does it work? Usually, one person will book anywhere between one and ten spots in the escape room of his or her choice. If additional players want to join, they simply arrive a little early to pay and sign in. That’s it!

Valentine’s Day Escape Room Promo

Get 20% off all merch 2/14-2/16/20. Don’t pay extra for private rooms at Puzzle Effect!

Valentine's day escape room

Spots are limited. Book now!

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